Explore the A's of life. A simple easy to recall message .

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Let me open my conversation about our LIFE and what it means to us by asking a simple question I am asked as part of my work with Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

What is SUCCESS ❓

Success = A new Car 🚘
Success = A new House 🏠
Success = A new Position 👨‍💼
Success = A pay hike 💰

Is this real success or are these 🎭 masks that we choose to hide behind as what we want to be seen as or how others should look at us as.

Interesting perspective, yet we all want to quantify and qualify SUCCESS as these things which I call MASKS we become slaves to.


My own journey like many others is helping me uncover the meaning of “New Success”
My own ongoing journey through self-awareness continues to remind me that

  • I need to SLOWDOWN to focus more
  • I need to FOCUS more to gain clarity of my WHY
  • I can do more with CLARITY to grow & evolve towards my PURPOSE

Slowing down is actually allowing me to grow as a HUMAN WITHIN & is helping me declutter my own thoughts and uncover my true potential to serve & impact those I can help evolve.

From being the Problem Solver I am moving towards being an “OBSERVER” slowly but surely. My baby steps are helping me become a better version of ME
The real meaning of SUCCESS comes from what your real WHY is and how we choose to travel our journey towards our goals and build a LIFE with PURPOSE driven by PASSION.

Through this ongoing journey & my life experiences both personal & professional, I share my 3 A’s of LIFE which is applicable to all of us across, age, nationalities, gender, & profession.

Looking back at 2020, we all know, that It has been tough, unpredictable, uncertain full of lots we all want to share & also prefer to forget. We have lost loved ones, jobs, business & loads more

We all need to accept the unprecedented times, once in a lifetime impact on all of Humanity  yet it is TIME to REFLECT & LOOK AHEAD and ask ourselves

What has 2020 taught us to VALUE and RESPECT the most?

Loved ones
Frontline workers
Small Businesses

JUST ACCEPT THE AS ISas Acceptance is a great way to invite Happiness

By accepting what we observe more of the unseen  
By accepting our thoughts as is we acknowledge our BEING
By accepting others as they are we respect each other for who we are

We have a choice like always to choose between Acceptance vs Resistance ❓

Imagine being in a traffic jam with no way out you have two choices Accept it and play some music while it clears or Resist it and start honking and boil your blood

Which one is inviting happiness ..JUST ACCEPT!

Are you ready to look within and explore possibilities for your self-growth journey

Are you waiting to start your success journey but don’t know where to begin ❓

Are you disengaged with your work ❓ ( 67% employees are as per the latest study)

Are you working to earn or do you have a purpose you are working towards ❓
Are you willing to help yourself & ASK FOR HELP ❓

Here is my gift 🎁 for all those who are willing to commit to doing a simple self-audit of their own current status ..

Just sit back relax and answer these questions with an open mind ..

I promise you one thing if you attempt this with sincerity you will discover a side of you that you always  wanted to uncover .. Help yourself on a journey to ASK FOR HELP.

What are your self-reflection based answers❓

I invite you to recognize that the gap between reality and dreams is EXECUTION

Let us now ask a few simple questions as to what really comes in the way of our dreams to become a reality and we stay where we are not where we want to be.

What drives your ability to act on your ambition, are you holding back to wait for perfection? ❓

As a business owner or leader do you plan , act and measure as an ongoing process ❓

 Choosing to act & support your dreams, ambition with an executable plan is a CHOICE, both in personal & professional life, what choice do you make consistently❓

Any strategy or ambition is as good as its execution plan, ACTIONS and doing the HARD work only gets you to MOVE FORWARD TOWARDS YOUR GOALS. 

Here are my 3 A’s of Life the secret sauce” to a fulfilling, & enriched life to make you Unforgettable.

I ACCEPT that my transition to become your accountability partner as a mentor & coach is my as is
I ASK for HELP  & acknowledge that I don’t have all answers & help is available from amazing souls here ONLY if  as I ASK
My commitment to ACT on my micro actions in 2021  is  my step to act & evolve to impact one soul at a time

From Unknown ❓to Unforgettable 💛

  • Life is a journey
  • Every moment matters
  •  Live for your purpose not for others

As I close this conversation I encourage you to seek your own answers and don’t hesitate to reach out ….

  • What is your WHY ❓
  • What do you do each day to live your WHY ❓
  • What will make you unforgettable ❓

Let us walk together and discover the “Unseen & Unsaid” …

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