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for the Inspiring, Aspiring & Purpose driven


Behind every Leader & Entrepreneur is a HUMAN..

….committed to discover and evolve.

Accountability Partnership enables you to own your future. Celebrate the unsaid & unseen in your journey.

Growth, Uncertainty, Transition

Navigate through your challenges with a trusted 


Walking with you as your ..

Hi I am Rajiv ..

I am a parent, partner, co-worker who is a human first.
I am an experienced, CXO & Global business leader who is a growth catalyst. Invested in your progress & success I am your Accountability Partner as a coach, mentor or CXO.

30 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience with multicultural teams in Indian, African and Asian markets. Industry experience spanning pharma, education, E-learning, telecom, retail, insure-tech and consulting. An experience across startups, small to mid-sized, & large global corporates.

Committed to sharing knowledge and expertise through unique “Models & Frameworks” that ensure you and your business evolve & thrive.

I am here to walk the path with leaders, entrepreneurs & individuals like you. As those who are inspiring, aspiring & purpose-driven.
Invested in you as Your Accountability Partner.

See you over a chat to explore your challenges and discover possibilities. Let us begin a journey of “Accountability Partnership”.

Be Daring, Caring and Honest!

Journey So Far

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Let me walk with you through the unseen &unsaid

see you over a chat 

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